Activations of deep convolutional neural networks are aligned with gamma band activity of human visual cortex

Our paper is out in Nature Communications Biology:!

We had a cool dataset from 100 patients who looked at some pictures while wearing intracranial electrodes inside of their brain.
electrode implantation x-ray
With these electrodes we’ve recorded how human brain reacts to images like the one the right. AA01

Then we showed the same images to a Deep Convolutional Neural Network that was trained to recognize objects on the images and, same as with humans, recorded how the artificial brain reacted to those images.

And sure enough we went and compared those activations. We have confirmed the similarities between the hierarchies of biological and artificial systems of vision, identified what kind of brain activity matches this hierarchy the closest and did a couple of other interesting observations along the way. fig_layer_specificity_and_volume See the paper for the details:

Code and (part of) data are public:

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