Brain-Computer Interface Competition 2019 introduced at Robotex

Robotex International with support from Computational Neuroscience Lab, Institute of Computer Science of University of Tartu and ABB Estonia has introduced Mind Control competition that will take place at Robotex 2019 next year!

Participants will use OpenBCI EEG cap to mind-control ABB industrial robotic arm. Competition will have two tracks, one for controlling the robot using evoked potentials (VEP, P300, etc) and second to attempt pure mental control without any external stimulation. All interested in applying their signal processing, machine learning and robotics skills to a good test do apply!

robotex-bci2 robotex-bci1 robotex-bci3

Huge thanks to Karl-Tanel Paes, Anti Ingel, T├Ánis Timmus and Hans-Johan Erikson for organizing and leading the event. Contact Karl-Tanel Paes to learn more and pre-register!

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