Raul Vicente emailicon
Yet another physicist turned to neuroscientist. After 7 years at the Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research, where I tried to learn some biology, I moved to Tartu to learn the other side of the story (the computational perspective) and work towards bridging the two shores. I also have an interest for many aspects of Mathematics.
Jaan Aru emailicon
Kristjan Korjus emailicon
I graduated mathematics from the University of Manchester (UK) and the title of my thesis was ”Causality Measures in Neuroscience: Wiener-Granger causality and transfer entropy applied to intracranial EEG data”. At the moment I am doing my PhD in computer science, applying machine learning and other data mining techniques to brain data.
Ilya Kuzovkin emailicon
My interests wobble around Deep Learning and Machine Learning, Neuroscience and Brain-Computer Interfaces. These topics have known and unknown intersection points and my task is to study the known ones and look for the unknown ones.
Ardi Tampuu emailicon
After having obtained an engineering diploma in “Bioinformatics and Modeling” in INSA de Lyon and a Master’s degree in “Mathematics and Informatics of Life Sciences” in Université Lyon 1, I have now returned to Tartu to put my knowledge into practice.
Tambet Matiisen emailicon
I’m interested in multi-modal artificial neural networks, that tie together vision, language and sound. I’m also interested in bringing deep learning to practice, for example making the decisions of neural networks understandable.
Madis Vasser emailicon
After completing my psychology MSc thesis on the topic of Change Blindness in virtual reality I have infiltrated the group as a computer science PhD student, spending most of my time in the computer graphics and virtual reality lab. There I study the predictive coding brain theory.

Daniel Majoral emailicon
I graduated in physics and did a master in physics of complex systems. Now after being fooled by the AI hype I’m a computer science PhD student. Currently I’m applying deep learning to biological data.


Taivo Pungas emailicon
I graduated from University of Tartu with a BSc Computer Science. My research in computational neuroscience focused on models of synaptic plasticity. I’m currently a graduate student in Computer Science at ETH Zürich.
Kristjan-Julius Laak emailicon
With background in both psychology and computer science my focus is on understanding sleep and dreaming neurophysiology. Currently modelling neural dynamics, memory and plasticity.
Lauri Tammeveski
In 2016, Lauri completed his MSc thesis, titled “Learning DNA mutational signatures using neural networks” in our group. He has a solid background in machine learning and has since moved on to the private sector and the startup scene.
Martin Loginov
Martin completed his MSc thesis “Beyond Decoding: Representational Similarity Analysis on fMRI Data” in 2015 and has since moved to the private sector.
Zurab Bzhalava
Zurab completed his MSc thesis ” Exploring the Animal GPS System: A Machine Learning Approach to Study the Hippocampal Function” in 2015. He is now a PhD student in Karolinska Institute in Sweden.
Reigo Hendrikson
Reigo successfully defended his MSc thesis “Using Gromov-Wasserstein to explore sets of networks” in June 2016.
Aqeel Labashemailicon
Currently working on my MSc thesis ” Deep reinforcement learning for perspective taking task”.