Ardi Tampuu

Position: PhD student, 3rd year

– MSc in “Mathematics and informatics of Life Sciences” in Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
2013: – Engineering diploma in “Bioinformatics and Modelling” in Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon  

Scientific interests: I enjoy building mathematical and computational models of biological processes : models of plant growth, cancer development, population dynamics or pharmacokinetics all interest me as much as the models of neuronal populations that I am currently studying. It is the emergence of complex behaviour in a system built of relatively simple elements that fascinates me – I want to find out why and how does it happen. The brain is the ultimate example of such a complex system and is therefore the greatest and the most motivating challenge for a modeller.  

What am I doing in the Comp. Neuro Lab?
After having studied “Bioinformatics and Modelling” in Lyon, France, I have now returned to Estonia in order to help Raúl in his efforts to resolve the mysteries of the brain. Among other projects I have so far worked on:
  • building a physiologically precise model of the thalamocortical system in the NEST neural simulation environment
  • analysing data from rat hippocampus, using different machine learning tools
  • studying the emergence of competition and cooperation among AI (deep reinforcement learning)
  • face-matching using artificial neural networks
  • analysing biological data using machine learning tools