Theses of 2016

Kristjan-Julius Laak
From the brain to intelligent systems: The attenuation of sensation of self-generated movement

thesis2016-4 We tested the idea that the brain actively suppresses the sensory consequences of its own movement with modern virtual reality and hand tracking devices.

Supervised by Jaan Aru, Raul Vicente

Murad Magomedkerimov
Extending the VREX toolbox for studying false memory in virtual reality

thesis2016-1 The main goal of the thesis was to add further extensions to a virtual reality toolbox VREX to conduct experiments about false memory

Supervised by Jaan Aru, Madis Vasser, Raul Vicente

Vladislav Stafinjak
Expanding the functionalities of VREX

thesis2016-2 he extended our virtual reality toolbox VREX by adding functionalities like new locomotion systems and the possibility to use audio files in experiments.

Jaan Aru, Madis Vasser, Raul Vicente

Sander Kulu
The Human Octopus: controlling supernumerary hands with the help of virtual reality

thesis2016-3 Provides novel experiments and novel data for assessing the possibility of using more than one pair of hands to perform certain tasks.

Jaan Aru, Madis Vasser, Raul Vicente

Lauri Tammeveski
Learning DNA mutational signatures using neural networks

laurithesis2 The aim of this thesis is to test and compare different methodology to improve the discovery of mutational signatures. In particular, we compared three new methods of neural networks (NN), rectified factor networks (RFN) and topic modelling to the currently used non-negative matrix factorization (NMF).

Raul Vicente Zafra, Leopold Parts, Tambet Matiisen, Ardi Tampuu

Zepp Uibo
Comparison of Face Recognition Neural Networks

zeppnaod Comparison of pre-trained face recognition neural networks applied to the National Archives of Estonia image library.

Tambet Matiisen

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