We hosted the 3rd Baltic-Nordic Summer School on Neuroinformatics

The 3rd Baltic-Nordic Summer School on Neuroinformatics (BNNI 2015)  took place in our institute from June 15-18.  The event was a sounding success receiving very positive feedback from both students and lecturers.

The subject of this year’s summer school was: Multiscale computational neuroscience: Neurons, networks and systems.
In addition to giving an introduction to neuroscience and an overview of neuroscience in Estonia, the event hosted a number of prominent lectures:

-  “Neuroinformatics: sharing, organizing and accessing data and models” by Arnd Roth
-  “From neurons to synapses and networks: Basics of computational neuroscience” by Bruce Graham
-  “Modeling plasticity on single neuron and network levels” by Ausra Saudargiene
-  “Intoduction to brain atlases: construction, distribution, frameworks for neuroscience data integration” by Daniel Wójcik
-  “Measuring brain activity and modeling what you measure” by Gaute Einevoll
-  “Brain modeling: Key challenges of the multiscale approach” by Gaute Einevoll
-  “Information processing with delay-based neuro-inspired systems “  by Claudio Mirasso
-  “Introduction to information theory, coding and information dynamics in the brain” by Michael Wibral
-  “Introduction to brain data analysis and decoding” by Raúl Vicente

An introduction to the NEURON simulator was given in a lecture and two practice sessions by Arnd Roth and Bruce Graham. Practice sessions on machine learning and artificial neural networks were also given.

Videos and slides of the lectures as well as the exercises from the practice session will soon be available on the course materials page!

A poster session with 17 posters from various subfields of neuroinformatics was held in the History Museum of University of Tartu.

The social program included a charming tour of the city, a boat trip on river Emajõgi and “catching your own dinner” in a fishing farm in Vapramäe. The inevitable visits to the Gunpowder Cellar  – the pub with highest ceiling in the world – and to the many other bars in Tartu were also proposed in the evenings.


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